Selling a home can seem like a time consuming and arduous process.  Finding the right realtor is critical to presenting your home in the most favorable and accurate light for potential buyers.  Robert’s years of invaluable experience representing sellers has given him the necessary skills in marketing a home’s sellable features. Since the real estate market and practices in the northwest are always changing, having the right agent who knows the market will help you sell your home quickly. Robert Smith works hard to stay on top of your properties and listings.

With over 22 years of experience he works harder than most to ensure your property listing receives the diligence required to get it sold. Robert specializes in selling homes and properties in Central Oregon. Put Robert’s years of experience and Central Oregon market expertise to work for you. Sell your property so you can move on to your next dream adventure.


Robert goes beyond traditional real estate methods for getting your home sold.  For instance, Robert uses the latest marketing strategies and collaborates with other marketing companies to advertise your home.  He uses both his personal website and his broker’s website to get both local and national coverage.  He even works with local and national advertisers with the mindset to capture the national audience who are re-locating to the area.  Even with all this work, Robert doesn’t stop there.  Robert also uses social media to extend his marketing reach.  It is in everyone’s best interest to get your home sold. His time and dedication is shown by his investment in selling your home.

Ask yourself.  What is your agent willing to do for you?  Is your agent proactive in marketing your home?  Does your agent only use traditional methods to advertise your home?  Is your agent able to market your property appropriately to find the right buyer?  Is your agent available and willing to work with you in presenting your home in the most favorable way?  Do you want an agent who is invested in helping you sell your home or one that is comfortable just sitting back and waiting?

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