As you are probably already aware Bend and Redmond home prices are increasing like crazy and have not slowed down yet. Central Oregon is in a seller’s market right now. While Bend has had a steady increase Redmond is exploding. Redmond has seen as much as a 30% increase in home values in the last year alone. The rest of Central Oregon is also booming. I know this probably sounds like a good thing, so why do you need to be careful?

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With home prices increasing at such a fast rate it is very important when selling your home that you know the market. Right now we are seeing isolated incidences where money is being left on the table. This means that the home was actually sold undervalue leaving the seller with a loss. Right now it is tempting to just put your home for sale for around what others in the area have sold theirs for in the more recent past. This is not a good way to price and sell your home. You could be undervaluing your home loosing thousands of dollars.

It is important to have a realtor like myself who does thorough research on the market so that you do not have money left on the table. This could be thousands of dollars when selling your home. If you are considering selling your home in this market then make sure you have a real estate agent who is experienced and knows the market. I have a track record of being professional and accurate, along with years of experience. I work hard to get your home sold quickly and on point with the current market values for Bend, Redmond, and the rest of Central Oregon.

Contact me today if you are thinking about selling your home this year. I will help you with deciding the best time and way to sell your home based on your needs. I will also make sure that we have not left any money on the table. 

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