Pricing is always a variable which will determine the final net proceeds you get from your home, but it’s not the only one. The ability to provide features such as seller financing, loan assumption, and quick possession can also have an affect on the net proceeds from the sale. Where do you start? Ask questions. Ask the agent for a list of similar or “ like” properties which have sold recently in the area, called a Competitive ( or comparative ) 

Market Analysis (CMA). Although currently listed properties and listings which expired will also help, the only real determining factor for pricing is what actually has sold. The strange thing about pricing is that it doesn’t really matter what either you or the agent thinks the price should be. All that matters is what actual buyers have paid for the type of property , with like amenities, in the neighborhood, at the time you place your home for sale. Your agent should be familiar with sold homes in your neighborhood and be aware of factors which affect pricing. Insist on being well informed before you set your price. Before you can do that you MUST feel confident that your agent has prepared well and can document pricing.