What's Your Dream Home?


Whether you are a first time home buyer or not, buying a home can be both exciting and stressful.  Robert Smith understands. One thing that is a must in a realtor is someone who works hard, is up-front, and helps you stay educated throughout the entire home buying process.  Robert is both proactive and experienced. Robert offers guidance and truly listens to your needs when it comes to your future home. While it’s easy to look on your own in today’s market, Robert works hard to find homes that meet your expectations and needs that may not be available on most public searches.

Once ready to make an offer, Robert will advise you on the process and how to structure your offer to make sure you get the best possible price. He monitors each step while informing you of any changes.  Unlike many who treat the home-buying process as a passive endeavor, Robert seeks to ensure your experience is positive with the outcome of you being handed the keys to your dream home.

We all have a dream home. For some potential buyers it might be a home with a beautiful patio and view.  A home that provides that sacred space where they can spend long relaxing nights with friends and family. Other buyers may long to gaze over the Central Oregon Cascades and daily admire the beauty of their natural surroundings. No matter what dream you’re looking for, Robert is here to introduce you to that dream. 

Don't settle on impossibility. Settle on possibilities and dreaming big by working with an experienced and proactive agent who wants to see that dream come true. Get in touch with Robert today and let him show you what the northwest real estate market has to offer.


For his buyers, it’s Robert’s connections and networking that allow him to find just the right properties based on your specifications. Robert tends to spend a great deal of time searching and negotiating on your behalf in order to ensure you have the best possible experience while searching for your new dream home or property.

Helping you create the right offer on the right property is his top priority. Robert doesn’t settle for being second best when it comes to getting your offer in on a home. After all, it comes down to helping you find your dream home not just a house.

A Note From Robert:

Robert Smith 2018 Agent Photo.jpg

Any time you are searching for a new home you want it to be a positive experience. I believe in helping you find the right home within your parameters. When I work with any home buyer, I take time to establish your basic requirements for your new home, needs, neighborhood, and financing. I will walk you through the financing portion of the home purchase if you don’t already have that in place. Part of working with you involves ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on the market and helping you negotiate the best possible outcome. I work to protect your interests throughout the transaction and handle all the home negotiating (e.g. price, home inspection, repair, etc.) aspects for you as you move through the home purchasing process.